Forgiving A Cheating Man?

May 4, 2011 1

When a woman tells me, “I can forgive a cheating man” I think of two different questions. “ Will my husband cheat on me again if I trust him now?” or ” Does my husband deserve to have my trust back even if he’s been unfaithful, but says he is sorry and it will never happen again?” In essence many wives want to save their marriages after a husband has cheated, but they get caught up on the trust issue.

The discovery that her husband was unfaithful to you is so devastating on so many levels that can be very frightening for your heart and trust back on track, for fear that somewhere along the way, go to betray and bad as it still once. So, in this article, I will outline how a wife can evaluate and if her husband can be trusted again after he has been unfaithful.

This is the first affair, or the first time he was unfaithful? Obviously, any man who will be a repeat less reliable than a swindler who has just a momentary end of a time trial and has never betrayed you before and has never been a behavior that one does not trust him under.

Everybody makes mistakes and statistics show that over 60% of marriages have at least one partner who has been unfaithful, so few marriages escape this issue. Obviously, with so many couples dealing with unfaithfulness, many marriages have a way to overcome displayed. Some experts will tell you that an emotional affair is worse than a physical one, but I find that every situation is different and I believe every affair has an emotional component.
If a man is with the affair to ensure that feels competent or desirable, or a character flaw that he can not make informed decisions, rarely is a deal not only physical processes of thinking involved.

Although it may be hard for you to believe right now, trust can be restored and the affair can actually improve your marriage and the depth of intimacy you have with your husband if you allow it to bring to the surface the issues that left you vulnerable in the first place

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